Prevention Is Better Than Cure: Super Food Amla

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more info We live in a world where everything is superfast and we have no time to look out for our healths. In such a scenario we need foods which can overcome the pace and lack of regular nutrition in our lives. Here is where superfoods come in play . These are packed with antioxidants, nutrition such as vitamins and minerals which are essential for rapid rejuvenation of body cells and empower the immune system.

One such superfood found abundantly in India is AMLA. This humble berry has chemicals which  are anti-inflammatory, prevent cancer, aging, auto immune diseases and harmful effects of UV and radioactive substances thus promoting good health and longevity .Ayurveda states that Amalki is the key medicine in conditions like heart diseases, high cholesterol ,arthritis, gynecological problems, psoriasis ulcers ,indigestion and low metabolism, endocrine diseases like diabetes, thyroid imbalance, pcod, etc this web page.

see more It is an ammunition depot of Vit. C which is like elixir for the body cells.  The best part is that you can take it in various palatable and flavorsome decoctions. Amla juice mixed with any other juice fortifies it 10 folds. In powder form mixed with sugar or candy can be had throughout the day. Our grandma made salted amla. So go ahead binge on this desi berry. It is a superfood which will safeguard  your health against all the menaces and hazards of our modern hectic lifestyle.

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