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Joint or Nuclear family….Need to think

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Management is the term which has become too common now days. Management exists since the formation of this earth. If we talk about Nature, it has its own way of management. If we disturb or play with any of its elements, it shows its effect sooner or later.

Similarly society has its own management. Earlier days there was a concept of Joint-families. Under this joint family everybody learned Management gradually living together, facing challenges altogether, sharing moments of good as well as low time. It was basically a concept where one could find Energy (in young ones), Experience (Elder ones)& Time (Kids). Thus in a family itself had a Guide & Student, where the kids as students learnt various management skills under a strong supervision.

Now days the concept of Nuclear families is in full swing, where the kids don’t have any supervisor. Here too a kid has various learning, e.i, Self-Management.  Here a kid of learns to do the things at his own as his both parents are working. His learning could be positive or negative no one to keep supervision every time as in Joint families.

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Joint Family Nuclear Family
1 Learns to live together Loves to live Alone
2 Believe in Sharing Cannot Share anything
3 Learn to work as a Team No team work
4 Says “WE” Says “I/ Me/ Myself”
5 Gets strong support Less support
6 Have strong bonding amongst generations Bonded only with Parents & Siblings
7 Gets Love, Care & attention of Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, Parents, Elder brother-sister. Gets Love, Care & attention of Only Parents & Elder brother or Sister.
8 Lives under supervision of too many people. Lives under supervision of only Parents.
9 Strong Cultural & Moral values Less Cultural & Moral values


Concluding this, I feel we just need to think what we are doing & why we are doing something. Are we on the right direction? Need to think…..

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