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    Depressed To Distressed

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    learn more here Many times in our lives events take a turn for the worse. Not every road is a bed of roses. The stable and mentally strong person will chin up and face the adversities . He/ she will not give up till things are running smoothly again. But not all can stand up to the challange….

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    Joint or Nuclear family….Need to think

    0 6 Management is the term which has become too common now days. Management exists since the formation of this earth. If we talk about Nature, it has its own way of management. If we disturb or play with any of its elements, it shows its effect sooner or later. Similarly society has its own management. Earlier…

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    When Life Gives You “LEMONS”

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    There are a very few who can deny the joyous pleasure of a simple “NIMBUPAANI”. Us Indians right from our ancestors , always had the knack of making cocktails and mocktails. But the reason behind it was always medicinal and the hero of the drink was our humble “NIMBU” or lemon. The origin of the… continue reading

  • Amla

    Prevention Is Better Than Cure: Super Food Amla

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    learn more here We live in a world where everything is superfast and we have no time to look out for our healths. In such a scenario we need foods which can overcome the pace and lack of regular nutrition in our lives. Here is where superfoods come in play . These are packed with antioxidants, nutrition such…

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    Planning to go on holiday… but have you planned where to stay?

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    Planning to go on holiday… but have you planned where to stay? Now a day there is an upcoming concept of “Home stay”. Though Home stay’s concept is not a new one but people are recognizing it more now. When we go on holiday or for outing we often book room in hotels but there…